If you have ever lost data from a hard drive or a computer, I bet you know how crucial and important data recovery is to you. It can save a lot of money and time especially if you were working on an important project or work that needs to be handed in before the deadline elapses. Many people have been victims of data loss because of them not knowing what caused the data loss and how it can be recovered. With advancement in technology, it is now possible to recover 99 percent of all data that may gotten lost from a hard drive or a computer. The beauty and awesomeness of these methods and techniques is that most of them you can do them on your own. The only case that you will definitely need professional help is when the data you want to recover is lost in a hard drive that has been physically damaged.

For such a case you will need to professional help because the most important components of the hard drive or computer like the motherboard, controller board or the hard drive itself might have been damaged greatly. This will help you get back your data and as stated earlier, with advancement of technology you can recover most of your lost data if not all from the damaged drive. Big companies like banks, insurance companies and government parastatals worldwide have lost millions of data because of their ignorance on data recovery. Most of them don’t know that data lost can easily be recovered especially if the data lost was due to the data or file being corrupted by a virus, saved in a wring format or lost due to a person deleting the file intentionally or unintentionally.

If the data was lost due to a person unintentionally or intentionally deleting the file, the file being corrupted by a virus or saved in a wrong format or the partition of the hard drive being corrupted, this lost data can be recovered by using the appropriate software like TestDisk. For a file that has been deleted, make sure that you didn’t overwrite the file with a new file when you deleted it because it will be hard to recover it. For corrupted files, there are many softwares in the market that can you recover all the data. For a wrongly partitioned hard drive, make sure that you check if the tables of the partition are fully in place or else you won’t be able to recover your data. The beauty of all these is that you can recover the data without professional help. This will save a lot of money and time that you could have used to redo the work or project.

Data that can be recovered is always better that data that has been created again because you will have the original work rather than new work.

5 Ways for Forensic Investigators to Crack Mobile Devices


When a crime occurs, it can be a life changing event. Evidence and technological devices are taken to find information to help the criminal investigation. Phones and computers are often password protected. Forensic investigators may not have visible access to the password of the device they are investigating. The investigators are equipped with the knowledge and education to crack a passcode, security, and encrypted data. When a forensic investigator comes across a device that is locked due to security, they have the skills to unlock the code. There are 5 ways for forensic investigators to crack mobile devices.


Fingerprint DNA


A forensic investigator can convince the owner to use their own finger to input the passcode on the lock screen display. A person may not offer to do this because of their right to not self-incriminate. If there is evidence that could incriminate the individual, this process may not be useful. The mobile device owner could use his Fifth Amendment right to not self-incriminate and the investigator cannot make the owner input his password. The security lock feature on iPhones only has a two-day window before this option is disabled on the phone.




An iPhone that is locked by a password may make it seem impossible to obtain information. The one important part of the iPhone is the voice communicator named Siri. Siri is useful to the user of the mobile device and retains information that is commonly used and completed. Even when the iPhone is locked with a passcode, the Siri application is still accessible. The call log, contact list, and calendar can be displayed without unlocking the passcode on the lock pad.


An Open Cloud


A person who sends a message to an iPhone has the protection of encryption. The new messaging has been secured with an encryption mode. The only time the message is not encrypted is when it reaches the sender. The only allows the Apple, to see when the message was sent over the cloud and what time it was received.




It is not uncommon for information or data that is on a suspect’s iPhone to also be on their PC. The forensic investigator can get a peek at this information. A phone can be told to work with and remember a computer. When this happens, the phone can be plugged into a PC and the information can be displayed. The forensic investigator will have visibility of the basic data that the iPhone has installed on it from the PC.


Break into the Device


When all else fails, an investigator may need to find another way to retrieve iPhone data. If these steps were not successful, a forensic investigator can break into the iPhone. There are tools that forensic investigators can use to crack the iPhone and retrieve the data. The two most useful break-in tools are nFIELD and MPE+. These access entry tools can be used either on the scene or in the forensic laboratory. The nFIELD can be used with little training and the MPE+ needs more knowledgeable people operating it. Both work to get into a phone and gather all the important data needed for the case.



Cool tech


This is one of the most important tech investments due to its unique features it offers. If one loses or deletes his files, music photos accidentally and cannot be able to trace or see them Cool tech are the people to call. One is not supposed to wait until is too late instead he or she should use back up tools to back their data up.


For one to ensure that his data and files are safe he or she should use the following backup tools


Drop box


This is among one of the most popular back up tool. It is cloud storage tool that offers 1TB storage for a cheaper and economical price of 9.99 dollars per month. The tool can be able to sync data that one is using his computer, making one to easily access all his files on internet, whether it’s from mobile app, Google drive name them all. It is an advantage since one can access his or her files anywhere so long as he has internet, it is easy to for one to use since it doesn’t require extra software, and one can share large files easily and conveniently. Its disadvantage is that one cannot access the files without internet.


External hard drives


This back tool helps one to back up data where he pleases, one doesn’t need internet to back up his files or folder and once you pay for the drive it’s all yours there is no monthly or weekly fee. It has a disadvantage in that if you are not physically or near o the hard drive you cannot back up our files, secondly it is tedious to carry it around and prone theft and risk of being damaged.


Time Capsule


This backup tool works with a time machine in OS X to backup data in the computer instantly and wirelessly irrespective of how one has organized his file. It is also an advantage for people using Apple laptops and computers since backups comes automatically and wirelessly on your own device. Time capsule can also work as a wireless router. It is very expensive and is limited o specific device such as apple. It is also prone to theft and high risk of being damaged.




This backup tool is similar to drop box, The tool can be able to sync data that one is using his computer, making one to easily access all his files on internet, whether it’s from mobile app, Google drive name them all. The only difference is that one can backup data on his own server. It is an advantage since one can access his or her files anywhere so long as he has internet, it is easy to for one to use since it doesn’t require extra software, and one can share large files easily and conveniently. Its disadvantage is that the service set up is complex.




As much as all this backup tools are good they also loose files and drop backups. They also stand the risk of being stolen and damaged. It is therefore advisable that for one to back up his or her file in various backup systems.





How to Overcome Small Business Data Recovery Challenges?


In the business world every one stores information which is very crucial to the business therefore it should be well secured. But not forgetting that there is a risk of it getting lost or being deleted accidentally. Therefore this marks challenges that are being faced by small business and even the entrepreneurs at large.


There before when data was being lost they used one way of disk drive to recover the data but in the recent situation whereby technology has advanced there exists competent ways of recovering data. This involves a simple criteria of applying some important software to recover information hence small businesses and business people have at least something to smile about.


Hence one requires a software to supplement the hardware which should be installed to assist in data recovery. This mostly involves network attached storage appliances which are mostly applied to store data by the businesses therefore they are suitable to store data and cannot be easily lost whereby when the information is lost it can be traced for the business to run as normal.


It requires one to have a prior knowledge of the software in order to function well therefore sometimes it may fail to some circumstances under which the data was lost so it requires a careful attention toward looking for possible procedures of the software to recover your data.


Also they is a way of recovering data on flash based memory which also acts as a storage for the information of the business hence it requires a business management to set measures that it may make duplicates of the data stored in case the original one gets lost can be traced from the other source which will increase peoples confidence in the management that is working on the same task.


The purchase of SDD which can be used In the laptops can help to recover data. Hence it requires one who understands how it works in that nowadays manufacturers just take any chip and use it hence they don’t consider how will it be effective hence they are in need of cash. Therefore one should be able to purchase from those who understands and this will ensure data is well stored and in case if it being corrupted can be easily traced back.


All these ensures that data is recovered in a logical way therefore it ensures the information is well protected for the purpose of regular and even future reference. Therefore a business should employ ways of saving their data in safe software and deploying some of the measures which are less effective to the way they need their data to be stored. Thus it helps them not to play a blame game which can’t help to recover the data may be which was crucial for their daily running of the business.


Therefore it a high time for the upcoming business people planning to venture into the world of business to get equipped with softwares and the know how of how they work in order to learn from the experience and enjoy being in the ventured world if the business which must be well planned and ensure data is well stored.

How to Recover Your Lost Videos

 How to Recover Your Lost Videos



If you have lost the only copy to your video, then it can be one disappointing event, especially if the video was sentimental like a wedding or graduation occasion. Today offers the best in advanced technology offering you data recovery software to help you recover the data you lost. You must act quickly as possible to recover your lost video because time matters with this serious issue. The longer you wait, you risk a higher chance of your video or data being overwritten. Once it is overwritten, then you will not be able to recover it.


A special occasion video can be your most treasured possession ever. You should check your recycle bin first because it is a likely chance that it will be there. If you don’t find your video in the recycle bin, then you need to check a few different files that include AVI, WMV, MOV and MPEG. If one of these files show that your video is there then all you have to do is simply click restore. If you still have no luck, then deleted video recovery solutions are available.


Recovery software is designed to help you reformat files. This special software also prodies a wizard to help you achieve your video recovery goal at ease. Video recovery software may be purchased online and instant access will be provided to you. You can also choose from a wide array of free video recovery software that will work just as well. Some video recovery software is designed especially for certain operating systems, so make sure you choose the right one for your computer operating system.


Data recovery software can help you recover many different types of data that include files, videos, photos, audio, messages, emails, data and more. Technical support is often available if you choose to buy the software. Some video recovery software will give you a free trial to see if you like it before you decide to buy it. Video recovery software is available for deleted videos from samsung, from android, personal computers, desktop computers, tablets, smartphones, windows systems, linux systems and more.


Video recovery software will come available with a guarantee and complete instructions for use. This software includes the best recovery tools to make your recovery experience enjoyable. iPhone users are known to accidentally delete their videos and music most of the time. Some recovery software will allow you to recover more than fifty file formats. Professional data recovery tools are available to recover lost videos for iOS users for iPads. You can download Mac versions and Windows version right now and get instant access and have your lost video back in no time.


You can undelete your video with no hassle and save both time and money. Data Recovery programs are available to help you recover your lost data, music, or videos on iPads, iPhones, and iPods too. Accidents can happen to anyone, especially with digital devices, so have a plan in store to recover what you may lose fast.



Steps on How to Become a Apple Certified Technician

Steps on how to Become a Apple Certified Technician





Do you want to know how to become a Apple Certified technician? Apple has become keen in training and examining potential technicians of its products. It also requires that you take these tests online. The reason is that Apple is a global company with a vast and loyal following.

That means it needs to be sure that only professional handle its products. Just as any other company, it wants to be sure that its customers get value for their money. This guide gives you steps on how to become one. They are:

Apple Certified Technician

  • When setting out to become an Apple technician, you should, first of all, know that you have to pass through the Apple Certified Technician Program.
  • This curriculum enables you to learn how to carry out troubleshooting and repairs on Apple devices. You need to complete this certification training before embarking on the next step.


  • You need to score 80 marks or above when carrying out the first step above. You also need to have excellent scores in other disciplines.
  • They include electronic discharge precautions and embedded battery safety. That’s still on the Apple Service Certification exam. You also need you pass all environmental questions that Apple will ask you.
  • This certification exam is available on the Apple Certification Website. It’s related to solving problems on the Apple operating system and others that might affect Apple software products.

Training Programs Online

You should also look for online Apple forums. That’s because they will provide you with fast and easy training. They enable you to pass the Apple Certified Technician exams. They include:

  • Apple Care Training Center

It’s an effective but simple program where you learn diagnostics on Apple products and also get to access necessary training materials.

  • Apple Authorized Training Center

This training offers you lectures, lab exercises and experiments that you need to pass your certification. It takes 2-5 days to complete.

  • Apple Pro-Training Series and Study Guides

You should also check out this online training program. That’s because it enables you to learn vital information on how to solve potential Apple products issues.

How You Will Get Examined

  • When searching for information on how to become an Apple certified technician, you should remember that their exam takes 90 minutes to complete. You should also know that you can repeat questions that you may have answered wrong.
  • However, once the 90 minutes are over, the test immediately ends, and you get your score. That means you should be ready for this exam.

Can You Repeat If You Fail?

  • You can re-take the test if you fail the first time. But keep in mind that you will have to pay the exam fees again.
  • One tip when deciding whether to retake these exams is to know where you went wrong in the first place.


The above guide on how to become a Apple Certified Technician should get you to consider taking one. Remember that getting this certification will open many opportunities for you. That’s because Apple is a well-known brand. Consumers trust it, which means a lot of repair business for you.


Checking Data Recovery Company Quality

There are a few things you should check before you pick the data recovery company you need to hire. You should check the security arrangements and protection approach the information recuperation organization takes after before allotting the employment. Guarantee the straightforwardness of the procedures taken after by the organization. As well as can be expected, it is best if you could find a company that can offer you great data recovery services at an affordable price, however, the organization must guarantee you with respect to its quality administration and cost in like manner. Your information is significant.

Tips for Checking Data Recovery Company Quality

One wrong endeavor in giving over your media to a wasteful organization may cost you, as well as your entire information. It is constantly insightful to think appropriately and adequately before picking the information recuperation organization. One of the greatest issues confronting organizations today is dealing with the developing size and unpredictability of information. Most outsource to an IT supplier of lower costs and to get the best proficient administration, particularly to deal with an emergency when things turn out badly. Information misfortune is a genuine problemfor numerous organizations and it’s important that a reinforcement strategy is set up to manage issues.

That is the reason benefit suppliers must know who to swing to when they can’t deal with an emergency themselves. Cooperating with the right information recuperation supplier is frequently the main shot that organizations have in recovering their information. It’s likewise a pivotal business suggestion to present to potential new customers. Information misfortune causes huge issues, yet in case you are able to find a data recovery company that you can trust, the problem will be a thing of the past. You might think that looking for such a dependable data recovery company would take too much time and whatnot, but you would be glad you have done the preliminary research in the end when you get your data back.

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The Role of Data Recovery Companies

In this technology day and age, data recoverycompanies are a godsend because they are able to recover important lost information and avert a disaster. In any case, with such a large number, to look over it’s difficult to know which information recuperation organization to trust as an accomplice. Customers need to be guaranteed that basic issues are dependably in safe hands. In this manner, the information recuperation organization must have what it takes and assets that make it feasible for round the clock capacities.

Understanding the Role of Data Recovery Companies

A snappy Google look for information recuperation specialists will reveal the names of various organizations. A large portion of these organizations will likely have amazing information recuperation sites that look proficient and make consoling guarantees. In any case, suppliers shouldn’t take what they read just like that without conducting a proper research. Conveying on recuperation guarantees is a troublesome procedure and can’t be ensured unless the supplier meets particular criteria. Surely, settling on the right decision requires getting some information about the abilities of an imminent supplier. Just suppliers that put resources into innovative work are in a position to have what it takes to recuperate information.

Of pivotal significance is surveying whether the organization can explain a wide assortment of information misfortune crises. At the very least, it is essential to check whether the supplier underpins the gadget and working framework needing information recuperation. Assuming this is the case, can an exceedingly qualified group be good to go at short notice? Having licensed designers playing out a recuperation is principal to accomplishment since the developing many-sided quality of capacity stages is expanding the intricacy of information recuperation when things turn out badly. It is not wise to try to handle the matter of data recovery on your own without the help of an expert because you could make it worse. Nonetheless, it is still important to find a data recovery you can trust.